Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Four years ago Imants and I decided it was time to start our family. Like most couples just starting out, we imagined that this huge decision was the hard part and all that was left was the happy ending. What we soon learned is that the hard part had only just begun and we were preparing for a big roller coaster of emotions. The highs have been VERY high and the lows have been VERY low.

After having our beautiful daughter at 26 weeks, we lost our two sons to unexplained premature labor, we realized that more biological children is just not in the cards for us. We still want more children and luckily, we still believe in happy endings. So with some serious soul searching we are finally on the right path. The path to adoption is also filled with emotional ups and downs, but this time we're prepared. We're prepared and so very excited.
April 1, 2008 we stood before a county clerk, as she notarized our signatures on the application of adoption. For the first time since we made our decision to expand our little family 4 years ago, I felt confident that it would happen again. I am not naive enough to believe there won't be moments of difficulty and frustration, but I am optimistic and hopeful enough to believe that our child is out there waiting to be born into our family.

Our family and friends have celebrated us, with the birth of our daughter, prayed for us through the difficult NICU stay and offered their love and support through both our losses. I hope you'll join us again, following our story of adoption and celebrating with us as we begin our journey to Korea to bring our baby home.