Thursday, October 29, 2009


More to come on our homecoming.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is it. Our bags are packed and lined up by the door. We spent our last day doing some last minute shopping, visiting a buddhist temple, and walking to the Seoul Tower. Yes... WALKING. With a 20 lb baby strapped to me. The Seoul Tower is up a VERY steep VERY long hill, overlooking the city of Seoul. It wasn't easy, but it was a nice way for our son to say goodbye to his first home. We ended our night with a walk at the rooftop garden by our hotel. The cool evening air calms Kalvis before sleep. Bedtime is still his hardest time, but has gotten SO much better. He used to cry unconsolably. Now he cries, but I am able to soothe him. Previous nights he seemed to be searching for his foster mother. So baby steps towards a healthy loving bond with his mama.
Leaving Korea is bittersweet. I can NOT wait to see Livija and have the four of us together. FINALLY. And yet, I am sad that Kalvis has to say goodbye to such a wonderful country. Many native Korean people stopped us in the street to bless our baby and wish him well in his new home of America. One man even came up with very limited english and pointed to Kalvis' eyes and then mine stating, "it no matter". It doesn't. I have no idea why, but our son was meant to be born halfway around the world to another mother. This somehow seems perfect to me. I wouldn't change a thing. My little Tae-seong is a blessing and while I may not have thought so at the time, each step that led us to him was also a blessing. I am a very happy mommy tonight. i will be a VERY VERY happy mommy tomorrow with Kalvis, Livija and Imants.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tomorrow is our last full day in Seoul. We're leaving early Wednesday morning. Looks like we're gaining back that Wednesday we lost last week. Imants is VERY excited to have a birthday that lasts 37 hours. Unfortunately it will be stuck on a plane. We are continuing to have an amazing time in Seoul. Today we shopped in Insadong... AMAZING SHOPPING. Even Imants enjoyed it! Then we headed back to the hotel for a picnic dinner of sushi and wine on the floor of our room while Kalvis slept in our bed.

Tomorrow we are planning on some serious photoshoots of Kalvis in his home land. Can't wait!

Sending Love to Livija. I miss her so much it hurts. xoxo... we'll be home soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Gothcha Day is known in the Adoption world as the day your child is placed in your arms forever. Our Gotcha Day was October 23rd 2009 (3pm). It was amazing. Reminds me of the day we brought Livija home from the NICU. Such a feeling of accomplishment after traveling down such a long road.
He was changed into a brand new outfit from the agency. White pants and a little white hoodie. We excused ourselves from the room as he shared a private goodbye with his foster mother. We could hear her cries from the hall. The social worker then reached for Kalvis and placed him in my arms and we were quickly whisked away. While we waited for our cab, his foster mother followed and whispered her last goodbyes through the window. Kalvis did not cry. He sat in his papa's lap looking out the cab window at the city. Then he fell asleep.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Kalvis woke up from his nap with a BIG yawn.


During our SKYPE chat with the family, my camera took a tumble off the table. My camera = my prized posession. The lens snapped off and my heart dropped. On our first day here, we walked by a sign that said "NIKON". I mentioned something about it, wondering aloud if we could purchase cheaper equipment here. So off we went to the Nikon store. Turns out it wasn't a Nikon store but a Nikon repair shop! I don't think they normally take customers off the street. Ten minutes and $30 later I had a perfect camera, fixed, cleaned and a bonus 1G memory card. Imants finds it quite humorous how things always seem to work out like this for me.
So today we are off for more siteseeing and more picture taking. We got out and about in the general area of our hotel, testing it out, seeing how Kalvis would do. He does well. Here is a picture after a short trip around Seoul.... such a sweet boy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our first meeting with Kalvis was wonderful. As we prepared to head to the agency, I became VERY nervous. Butterflies, heart pounding in my ears, shaking hands. Imants found it very humorous, although I'm pretty sure he had some butterflies himself. Once we arrived, I felt calm. We sat in a room at the agency and soon Kalvis arrived with his foster mother. She pushed him in, in a stroller. We had not seen him since his 4 month picture, so we were very anxious as they entered the room. He was (is) absolutely beautiful. We did not have any pictures of him smiling, and I had no idea he had such sweet little dimples. AHHH, melt my heart. I did not cry (my goal for the day), he allowed both Imants and I to take turns holding him. He seemed very curious. We spoke with his foster mother through a translator. Tae-seong was her first foster child. We were warned that this was going to be very difficult. His foster mother clearly loves him very much.
She gave us photos, both professional and personal photos of her life with Tae-seong. She also gave us the traditional Korean hanbok for Kalvis to wear for his first birthday. She told us how he loves persimmons from her persimmon tree (and gave us some to try). She told us that he rolls around restlessly before going to sleep. He loves to be outside. He loves dogs (good news for Luna). She shared many small important details of our son's personality. It was a lovely visit.
We met with the Doctor. He gave us the thumbs up to take him with us the following day. Then came the tears and many promises to send updates and pictures. We will be forever thankful to our son's foster mother. She taught him how to love and to be loved. She did this without any regard for how hard the goodbyes would be on her. She truly gave him the greatest gift. We left that day with very full, very happy, yet very heavy hearts.

There is so much to say, but there is a spot next to my boys that is calling my name. New mommy's need their rest. I'll post all about our wonderful day after some much needed sleep.


We had our own private tourguide for the morning. In-Ju was wonderful. Not only did she show us around, but we had the rare opportunity of getting pictures of Imants and I together.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My boy rockin' the neckerchief. He's got style. I love those dimples.

It was amazing and wonderful... and I am going to bed. We need to be well rested for pick up tomorrow. I'll post more detail tomorrow, as my eyelids are closing involuntarily. I promised my sister a picture though, so here we are! Totally and completely in love.
Kisses to Livija. We can't wait until we're all together. xoxo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We got an early check in! I'm so relieved we got to relax, freshen up and gather my thoughts. Now I sit and stare at the clock until it is time to head to the agency. 25 minutes we leave. I have butterflies. I wanted to post again before we leave, because I want Kalvis to read this one day and know the joy we feel. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the proper words that would do this moment justice.


After a 14 hour flight we arrived safely here in Seoul. We cannot yet check into a room and the stores have not opened, so we had breakfast and are hanging out. We are exhausted but running on adrenaline. It is almost 8 am here and we will be having our first meeting in 6 hours. We are HOPING for an early check-in because I'd love to take a shower before meeting my little boy and his foster mother. If not, we rinse off in the hotel bathrooms, and make the best of it. No worries.

I really have no idea what to expect from our first meeting. My goal is to not turn into a crying mess (which is difficult because my eyes seem to constantly be brimming with happy tears). I am hoping that he is comfortable with us. I brought some treats, some bubbles and a few toys to bribe him into my arms.

I hope to post again soon...WITH PICTURES!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What goes through the mind of a mommy gearing up to fly halfway around the world to meet their son? It's a jumble of so many things, that I can't believe my mind quieted enough to allow some sleep. Checklists... worry.... excitement... disbelief... happiness... anticipation... Very very soon we will welcome this small little person into our lives forever. I think of my wedding day and the day I held my little Livija for the first time, and know that this day will rival those. One of the happiest day of our lives is right around the corner.

As I type this, Papa is making Livija her Pink Birthday Waffles. My little girl is 4 today. Four years ago was quite possibly the most terrifying and miraculous day of our lives, as Livija came into the world 14 weeks early. Here we are four years later, preparing ourselves for our next miracle. This day was years in the making and I can't quite believe it's here.

Late tonight, when most of you are sleeping we will take off in a plane for Korea. Tomorrow afternoon we will meet our son for the first time. Friday we will welcome him into our arms forever. We are very lucky to have been asked to take custody much earlier than anticipated. This will allow us time to get to know our son and to explore Seoul with him. This is a priveledge not everyone gets. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to get pictures of our boy in the country he has called home.

I'll be posting from Korea, so keep checking in!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Friday October 16th at 11:30 am, our phone finally rang. We are ready for travel. We are filled with joy, anticipation, excitement and happy hearts. I will post more details tomorrow. For now we plan, prepare, and celebrate.
Our special "someday" is soon. Very very soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I don't know what is going on with Kalvis' Visa. According to Washington DC, he is scheduled for his Visa TOMORROW. Which is great news, but I don't understand what picture they were looking at when I called on Friday. I thought it was the picture for his Visa. Oh well. Tomorrow is good news. So I won't sit by the phone today. I'll start doing that tomorrow. After the Visa is received, we can be told we can leave as early as that day, or as late as a few weeks later. THAT would be torture. So let's hope for this week. If for whatever reason it's not this week. We'll get through the disappointment and hope for the following week.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We are currently waiting for Kalvis to have his Visa issued. I call Washington DC almost daily to check on this status (it's ok, the last operator I spoke with assured me that nobody is making a little note in my file about how annoying I am). So even though they typically say, "Try again next week" and even though I didn't expect anything until next week, I still called. I was expecting to hear the same "Nothing yet" answer, but this time the operator said, "Oh he is so cute".... She saw his picture! This is good news. HOWEVER there was no information stating the P3 was returned, or the Visa was issued (or even scheduled to be issued). So I asked the bulletin board that I read, that is for families in process or have completed the adoption process. The answer was (drumroll), if they SEE his picture, he HAS his Visa. I'm told to pack my bags. THE call is coming. Until DC can verify this news, I'll have a little shred of doubt inside me, but for the most part I believe it's true. So here we are... Sunday night... could be the start to an unforgettable week.
Cross your fingers, toes, arms and legs! Say a prayer! Send some positive vibes! Do whatever you do, to help bring us some good news. We're ready.

Friday, October 9, 2009


A year ago I promised I would change the background each season, to show another season of waiting has past, and another is beginning. Here we are at Fall again! This is our season! The big homecoming is coming! No, we STILL don't know when, but it's close. I am thrilled to change the background back to fall. This season is all about the beauty of change. It is a time of great celebration in our family. Livija's birthday, my birthday and Imants' birthday (not to mention my dad, my niece and my sister in law). Our boy needs a reason to celebrate each October as well. I can think of no better reason than the anniversary of the day Kalvis Tae-seong was born into our family.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


JULY 28th. That is the last update we got about our son and how he is growing. It is common to skip the August well baby check, since August is the month that the doctor and many families take their vacation. I was starting to fear that he was skipped for the month of September as well. The frustration is indescribable. We've spent the last few months holding onto ANY piece of information we've been given. You read and reread, overanalyze, and even change the 3 only photographs to black and white or crop them for a different view of your child. It's sad. I know.
I stalk my e-mail for an update and FINALLY today we were blessed with one.
Kalvis is 20 lbs 29 inches!!! He can sit up straight without assistance. He says one syllable words. He prefers his foster mother. He takes steps while holding onto furniture, but doesn't stand independently yet. He responds to his name. He plays patty cake and Peek a Boo.
There was no picture, but the doctor says he is "cute and handsome". That will have to be enough for now. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will see our cute and handsome son.
I feel relieved. Afterall he is healthy, happy and developing right on target. I feel happy because he is doing so well and I finally have a size in mind so I can start buying diapers, and packing his bag for Korea. I feel excited because we are leaving soon. I can't help though to feel a little sad. We've missed so much and are still missing so much. This part is by far the hardest.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Saturday I spent the day (the WHOLE day) cleaning and preparing for our friends to come visit from Boston. About an hour before they were supposed to arrive, Imants said they had left a message that they would not be coming. So what do you do with a clean house and a quiet evening? It was MY idea to go to the movies. I called my parents to see if they would babysit. I picked the movie. I chose the time to drop her off.... It was all MY idea, or so I thought.
We pulled up to my parents' house and I ignored the cars in the driveway, stepped outside to be surrounded by friends and family. SURPRISE!!! My very own baby shower! I am not easy to surprise. I am quite nosey and VERY observant. Somehow, they got me.
Showers for baby number 2 are not traditionally done in my family, so I was not expecting one. Thankfully, I have a wonderful support system of family and friends that have celebrated EVERY step of the adoption path with us. With this baby FINALLY coming home (no, I don't know when YET, but soon!), my mother and my sister needed to throw a party. It was beautiful! A night under the stars of cocktails (a pro of being an expectant adopting mom), food, cake, and loved ones. Chinese lanterns hung from the tree, luminaries lit up the tables, and pictures of my sweet boy were everywhere.
We even released a Wish Lantern (otherwise known as khoom fay, sky lantern, chinese lanterns or thai lanterns). It is a paper lantern that floats up into the sky like a tiny hot air balloon. I believe it is a tradition in Thailand, and it floats into the night sky taking all our worries along with it.

It was a wonderful night. Thank you all for the love, support, gifts, and for letting us know that we are not waiting alone. This boy is very lucky to be a part of this big family.

PS. Our friends did come afterall... good thing the house was cleaned!