Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I said I wouldn't get anxious or frustrated until much later in the game. I said that I would be patient until we were matched (which won't be until next summer!!). As it turns out I am already anxious, frustrated and impatient. At the moment all our paper work is in to the agency... homestudy, fingerprints, criminal background clearances, physicals, references... and it is "sitting on the director's desk in the NJ office". That was what I was told. Why isn't it submitted already? We need this information to be submitted to the official office in order to be placed on the official waiting list. Every time I speak with my social worker she gives the impression that if it's not this week, it'll definitely be next week. This impression has been given for about a month now.
The longer this phase takes, the longer it takes to be matched with our baby. The longer it takes to be matched with our baby, the longer it takes for our baby to come home. So please, cross your fingers and cross your toes that we will hear something soon.
I'll keep you posted.

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Becky said...

I hope that you'll be matched up soon. I can't wait for you to be offially on the list.

I keep meaning to reply to your email. I really, really want to have lunch or something. Lily came home today and I'd love for you to meet her! Please let me know when you are free.