Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It has been a long time since I last posted. I probably lost my audience by now, but will continue to write since I feel it is important to keep this log for our future baby to read one day.
Nothing much is new. We believe our match will come in July or August. Followed by travel 4 or 5 months later. So while July seems right around the corner, the homecoming (which could be anywhere from October to December) seems years away. I think this wait is getting unbearable now, I can't imagine holding that picture and not being able to have our baby with us.

The good news is once we get that match, I have permission to do some shopping. In the meantime I window shop and plan nurseries in my mind.

I read a lot about bonding and attachment with your adopted child. One thing we definitely plan to do is what is now referred to as "babywearing". Not only is it common in Korea (and growing in popularity here in the states), but the benefits are wonderful. I found an article about babywearing, and highlighted a few to share:

Wearing your baby helps you develop a secure mutual attachment.

Babywearing increases parental sensitivity to a baby's needs.

Babywearing simulates the sensations of pressure, motion, warmth and security of the womb.

Carrying your baby in a sling reduces her level of stress hormones.

Babywearing can greatly reduce crying and fussiness. It also helps your fussy or tired baby fall asleep.

Babies sleep longer and more comfortably when in a sling.

Sling babies have a reduced incidence of colic and are less susceptible to vomiting and excess spitting-up.

Toddlers who were/are carried in slings initiate separation sooner, and become more self-reliant.

Babywearing has been shown to strongly benefit premature infants and lower their mortality rate.

Parents who wear their babies can more easily accomplish daily activities, tasks and chores.

The natural movement and stimulation provided by being in a sling promotes neurological development.

Babywearing gives children the message that they are safe, secure and loved.

Babywearing is the most comfortable way to hold a baby. You can use a sling on your shoulders, back or hip distributing your baby's weight evenly.

So I'm looking around and I think I like the babyhawk (see picture below), which can be worn in the front or the back. Our baby will be bigger than Livija and will not fit for long in her tiny snugli. This one gets good reviews and comes in some beautiful fabrics. The stylish fabrics was probably the selling point for me. LOL. Although if we are matched with a boy, I think Imants is leaning towards the camoflauge one.


Frannie said...

I wish you could have seen the expression on my face while reading about "babywearing." It wasn't until you actually used the word "sling" that I had any idea what you were talking about! LOL. I've seen a lot of those lately and I love the one you picked. I think it could work for a boy or girl - just keep working on Imants. : )

Marcie said...

I'm reading so much I forget that some people might not be down with my terminology. I can't imagine what you were picturing in your mind.

Marita said...

I'm still reading! :) July is going to come so soon--I can't wait to hear more!

Corey and Steve said...

Although October or even December seem so far off, doesn't it seem like it was JUST October? Time has a way of flying by. We'll keep you extra busy this summer to keep the days going by!

Super cute sling. I would love to know what Frannie was picturing. That is pretty damn funny.

Lana said...

October and December seem really far off right now, but it seems like it was only just Christmas. I love the idea of babywearing. I hope to be reading your good news very soon

E said...

I knew that I wasn't the only one reading!! lol

I plan to babywear...I have a Moby wrap I've heard about the babyhawk, but never saw one.

July is definitely around the corner!

Becky said...

It appears that you still have your audience. I check here regularly and am always hoping to hear an update. I agree with everyone else, it will be fall before you know it. It does feel like Christmas was last week (okay, maybe 2 weeks ago..). Your baby will be here before you know it. I can't wait to find out if you get matched with a boy or girl and to find out what you will name him or her. I had an idea of what the baby wearing was, and that one you posted is very cute. I can't see many men wearing them though. Maybe Imants will have to get his own so you can pick out a cute design ;-)

Kelly said...

I LOVE my babyhawk! It's awesome for every stage from newborn to at least 2. It's my must have baby accessory!