Monday, April 13, 2009

Thanks for the questions. I have a few on here, as well as a few verbal questions I'll address in separate posts.
So in no particular order... I'll start with...
Not really. LOL. We haven't really told her yet. We felt that it would be easier to explain once we are matched. If we told her a year ago, she was going to become a big sister, I think she'd think the baby was coming TOMORROW. As we all know, that couldn't be further from the truth. "No Livija, not tomorrow... 365 more sleeps until the baby comes". Might as well wait on the big news.
We have introduced the idea of adoption to her, through children's books and in discussion. For instance, when looking at maternity pictures I shot recently, she said "Is there a baby in there?" To which I responded, "Yes. Some babies are born into families from their mommy's belly, and some babies are born into families other ways, like adoption". She responded very excitedly, "Like in Crazy Cakes!" (an adoption related children's story) I was glad to see she was paying attention.

I will admit, we don't censor ourselves around her so I'm sure she knows it's going on, but surprisingly doesn't say much. Sometimes I ask her if she'd want a baby brother or a baby sister, to which she responds, NO. So no, I guess the short answer is... No, she is not excited. But I'm sure she'll change her tune when she's holding a picture of our new addition. We plan to sit her down to the conversation when we are holding that much anticipated photograph.

At the end of that conversation, I plan to present her with this gift:

I can not tell you how excited I am to see her proudly wearing this shirt.


Linda Devlin said...

Oh Marcie,
I love that shirt... I never saw it before!
We can't wait!
mom & dad

Corey and Steve said...

How much you wanna bet Livija wants to learn Korean? She'll be tri-lingual before she even hits kindergarten.

E said...

Adorable shirt! That makes sense about not telling L yet. My 3 yr old nephew will have a new sibling in October (my sister is expecting) and when they told him this, he said, "OK, but can the baby stay in there?" haha

The Woodgetts said...

Did you get her the shirt? You were right, she reacted better when she heard the news...."Let's Go"