Thursday, September 24, 2009


Since my last post we have completed two more steps!!!! Next up the Visa Interview. After that happens we will probably stare at the phone, anticipating a call to arrive at any moment, telling us to pack our bags. This could happen as soon as 2 weeks from now!!! I think I'm in disbelief at this point. It's been a LONG road. It's really hard to believe it's coming to an end (or actually a new beginning).
I'm not quite sure what a Visa Interview is. I picture a room of Korean babies in business suits sitting in a waiting room holding their tiny briefcases, waiting for their number to be called.
In reality I doubt it's an actual interview.
I hope it's soon though. In the meantime I'm washing clothes, setting up the nursery, and buying baby bottles. So much to do and HOPEFULLY so little time!


Sarma said...

my goose bumps just grew to goose mumps.
love it love, love, love it.

Anonymous said...

Go for it, with full steam ahead! Ilze

E said...

Wow, just 2 more steps to complete....that is so great, M! Hope everything continues to go smoothly (and quickly!). I'm so excited for you:)

Susan said...

Such great news, Marcie!! We are anxiously awaiting your post that says TC!!! Fingers and toes are crossed for you all - hoping you get that magic call soon!