Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's been an exciting month of milestones for Kalvis. Three or four weeks ago he was excited to practice walking. He would do a step here and a step there, then suddenly he took FOUR big steps into his Aunt Velta's arms. NOTHING since then. He has no interest in even trying. We encourage him while he is standing but he laughs at us and sits down. I give him push toys, but he ultimately flips them over, in true boy fashion, and concentrates on how the wheels are assembled. Oh well. Not rushing this little baby to grow up to fast.
Kalvis has two more top teeth poking through. These didn't seem to bother him as much as the top front teeth. Thank Goodness.
The BIG news is that he calls me Mama. I hear his little hands slap slap slapping along as he enters each room, "Mama? Mama?" and "MAMA!!!", when he finally finds me. His little arms reach up and he tilts his face to me making little kissy noises, until I lean in for "kissy lips".

The only bad news is that my camera is in the shop. Biggest snowstorm of the century (so far) and not one picture to show. :( Trust me though, it was a big one! We have 3 foot drifts outside.


E said...

I'm digging his 2 little teeth on the bottom! Adorable.

Corey and Steve said...

So cute. I can't wait to see him this week. We'll work on his next words...."Aunt Corey"

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcie,
I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog and how happy I am to see your family come together. I don't know if corey told you but my cousin Ron is adopted from Korea, he is 22 now.I put him on to your blog today so he can see the journey through the eyes of a mother. (His mom passed away when he was 15)So I thought he might want to read about the emotions and love you were feeling even before you got Kalvis. My cousin loves it and might actually write to you.
All the best,
Corey's Rowan Friend

I was very sorry to hear about Grambo's passing.

Marcie said...

Thanks Hilary! I'd love to talk to your cousin, to get the adult adoptee POV. It has been amazing. Kalvis is amazing. More so each day. I will update soon. thanks for your words about my grandmother. It's part of the reason I have not updated. I have trouble gathering my thoughts to post about losing her. She was his great grandmother, and I need to say something, since this blog is his story and she is part of it. Just hard to sum it up in a short blog post.