Friday, April 9, 2010


Kalvis is doing beautifully with his new family. We had some nighttime sleeping struggles for awhile, but they are now behind us. Looking back, I am amazed at how well he has transitioned. Almost 6 months ago he transitioned to a new family, new language, new smells, and a new life. Those struggles seem pretty mild when taking all this into consideration. He loves his crib now. We tried some co-sleeping when we were having the sleep issues, but he did better in his crib. He now takes two 2 hour naps during the day. He goes to sleep at 7 or 7:30 pm and will typically sleep until at least 6am. If he does wake up, a quick snuggle will usually satisfy him before he is reaching back to his bed and his beloved pillow.
Kalvis loves books and will bring them to me and sit down and listen while I read to him. As soon as I finish the book, he reaches for it and hands it to me to read again. If I ask him to get a book, he will walk to the bookshelf and bring one back to me.
He is loving the warm spring air, and has started walking on the uneven ground really well. He will walk to his little car and climb in. He'll sit in it up to a half hour, opening and shutting the door, playing quietly. He loves when Livija pushes him in it across the grass. He has even begun sitting on a small tricycle and using his little flintstone feet to walk it across the floor.

Another big step, is the use of babysitters. We've done it a few times now, and he really seems to do great. He's gotten to know both set of grandparents very well, and enjoys time with them while mama and papa have taken the time to get the yard and garden ready for the summer.

It's going to be an awesome summer. We have big plans of getting out on a few trips and lots of day trips to enjoy the season. I am especially excited to introduce Kalvis to the beach and Latvian camp.

It's really hard to believe that one year ago we were still waiting for that first picture of our boy, and here we are now barely able to remember a life without him.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful success story. Congratulations.

Susan said...

So happy that Kalvis is doing so well! He gets more and more handsome with every picture!! Hope that we see you over the summer on your trip to the shore!

E said...

Loved reading that! Has it really been 6 months? Wow. He really is such a cutie and getting so big!