Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Sorry about the little hiatus. We recently hosted a picnic for 100 family members and the prep and celebration has kept us very busy. We had an awesome time. Kalvis loved meeting the extended family. Livija loved running (and running and running) with the big kids.
During the celebration I discovered that people are actually reading this blog. Who knew? LOL. So for all those family members I will soon post a link to all the pictures I took over the weekend. For now, we sleep and rest and get ready to start prepping for vacation!!!
I hope everyone made it home safely, since family traveled from all over the US and Canada to wish a very happy 70th birthday to Janis, Mirdza and Arturs. Thank you all for the beautiful weekend.


Linda Devlin said...

It was alot of fun!!
You guys did a great job!
I know how much you worked to get it all together :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, do post the picture, soooon, Marcie!
Rik Krumins posted some but, unfortunately. I recognized too few of the kids in them - must all be Krumins/Guidotti grandchildren I assume. Am really looking forward to seeing what you took. Looked like it all came off very well and everyone had a wonderful time. Cheers, Ilze in Riga, Latvia