Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Kalvis is doing really great. He is in the 100% for height. This explains why he eats like a horse but doesn't seem to gain weight. it's all in his height. He isn't saying too much, but he is babbling a lot. I think there will be a big word explosion any day now. We're not worried about this, considering he had Korean for 9 months and now has both English and Latvian in the home. He's sorting it out. He definitely understands everything we say and follows all directions we give him (in both English and Latvian).
Right now he says
He also knows a lot of animal sounds
dogs say "Woof"
Cows say "Moo"
Monkeys say "Oo Ooo Ooo" while pounding his chest Tarzan style
Sheep say "Baaa"
Lions say the cutest "RAAR" you ever did hear.

But the absolute best is when I said "What does Kalvis say?" Without missing a beat he smiles and says, "Mama". Yes, he is indeed a Mama's boy.


Kristen said...

Gosh, Marcie....I've followed your blog for a while but haven't posted....Kalvis' comment is the cutest thing ever! Love your posts. You are a fantastic mom and have such a beautiful family! Take care...

Kristen Wronko said...

oops should clarify....Kristen Aldrich Wronko :)

Marcie said...

Thanks, Kristen! I didn't think anyone was reading anymore. LOL