Friday, June 5, 2009


It seems everyone has the same questions. What is his name? What does that mean? When will he come home? Why the wait? Will we travel or escort? Will Livija come? How long will you be there? How is Livija handling the news?

Our son's (love saying that) name is Kalvis Tae-seong. Kalvis (pronounced coll-vis) is a Latvian name to fit in with our Latvian family. Tae-seong is his given name. We are keeping that to honor his culture. Tae means big and seong means accomplish.

When will he come home?/Why the wait?

The wait for travel can be anywhere between 3 and 6 months. Typically I see 3-4 months, but you never know. During this time the paperwork begins. Last night we filled out a mountain of paperwork for our official acceptance. Once this paperwork arrives in Korea, we start counting down.
Other than that, I am still figuring it all out. Lots of paperwork and waiting for approval. If the government is quick, it'll be quick, but we all know that can be unpredictable.
Will we travel or escort? You don't have to travel to Korea. You could use an escort. We, however, cannot wait to travel. I think seeing his home country, and meeting his foster mother will be an amazing experience. One we can share with him one day. The trip will only be about 5 days long. No, Livija will not come. I'm thinking a 13+ hour flight and a 12 hour time difference will be too difficult for a 3 (probably 4 at that time) year old. Also, I am already nervous about flying home with our son :) . I think he needs our undivided attention during what is bound to be a difficult, confusing transition for him. Livija will meet us at the airport where we will become a family of 4. YAY!

How is Livija handling the news?
She is excited. A bit confused that we aren't leaving today, but excited. I hear questions all day like, "When can we get my baby?" "Can I see pictures of my baby?" "Can we get my baby a baby rattle?" We are starting to push the term, "My baby brother" as I think she believes we are getting HER a baby. Her cousins are starting to refer to Livija as "Having a baby". LOL.

Overall we are all ecstatic! Summer months tend to fly by, so I'm hoping this wait isn't torture. Summer fun, baby nurseries, Livija... they will all help the time fly. I'll reread that part in a few months when I'm tearing my hair out.


The Woodgetts said...

Okay, I am sitting here crying. I am beyond happy for you guys. When you talked about getting off the plane and becoming a family of 4, I couldn't hold back the tears. This is just such a happy time and I am looking forward to the day when you can go get your son and bring him home. Keep the posts coming!!!!

Tara Marie said...

Such glorious news!!!! We welcome you to our family with great joy Kalvis Tae-seong!!!!

Congratulations Mommy, Daddy and big sister Livija!!!

E said...

This is so amazing...I have tears in my eyes, especially after seeing the video clip of your hubby seeing the sign. Congrats to you all!