Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've included a list of all the steps we must complete to bring Kalvis home, along with a list of what we have already accomplished. It is featured in the right hand margin. We are 2 weeks 2 days into our I600, which is rumored to take 4-8 weeks. The steps after the I600 should take about a month, I'm guessing. So 2-6 weeks for I600 and a month after that for travel call (?)
Everyone has been asking and that's about the best answer I can muster.
We should have an idea it's coming, provided we are alerted to when Kalvis' Visa has been issued. Once we are informed of the Visa, we will expect the travel call ANY day. It could be the same day we find out about the Visa. It could be a week later (can you say torture?).
When that much anticipated Travel Call comes, we can book our flights a minimum of 3 days later. We'll immediately inform our agency of our travel plans, and in 24 hours we will have our itinerary. This itinerary will include the date and time we will meet our son (ooh, I just got butterflies and teary eyes typing this). We will arrive at the agency and Kalvis' foster mother will bring him to the agency. We will finally meet. Kalvis will go home with his foster mother. A few days later we will meet again. This time Kalvis will leave with us. We will most likely be in Korea for 5 days.
So no, we aren't there yet. So close and yet still so far!


Corey and Steve said...

"So close and yet so far"....true, but getting closer every day!

E said...

Oh my goodness...I have butterflies too for you! I'm looking forward to seeing all of those question marks because actual dates!! K will be home soon!

E said...

Marcie, I tried to email you, but I must have an old address because it came back. Thanks for your post on my blog! That's how I felt when I first saw your good news LOL!! It's so exciting, but doesn't feel real yet. Hopefully, this all works out. I check your blog all the time hoping for some news about K! He'll be home soon!!!!! My email is