Saturday, November 14, 2009


Everyone wants to know. I have to say AMAZINGLY well. I thought she'd show a little jealousy while we were in Korea talking to her on Skype. She missed us and here we are, a world away holding her little brother....but she wasn't. I thought the fact that I have to carry him most of the day, would be frustrating and cause some jealousy.... but it hasn't. Kalvis cries and she yells, "MOM, you better pick him up!". She thinks it's funny that he cries when I leave the room, and warns me not to go.
Livija loves anything and everything that is "big girl". The term "Big Sister" infers that she is a big girl, therefore she loves it. She stands at the kitchen sink where I give Kalvis his baths and is armed with a wash cloth, and has most recently appeared with a spray bottle of warm water and soap. haha. Luckily he doesn't mind a cup of water dumped over his head. She puts lotion on his skin, begs to feed him, and loves that he is now a part of our "family hugs". It's not to say that the novelty won't wear off, but for now her biggest concern is, "Doesn't his Korean family miss him?". I realize this may turn to "When is he going back to his Korean family?", but for now she is the proudest, happiest big sister I know.
In the meantime, we try and plan some special one on one time with each of our children. I think this is important to do throughout their childhood. Afterall they are different kids, they'll have different interests. Livija will get a date with her papa to the latest Disney movie, The Princess and The Frog, while Kalvis gets special mommy time while Livija is at school. Papa gets his special Saturdays with his boy while Livija is at Latvian school. Both kids are asleep by 8pm, so mama and papa even get some time to sit back and hang out as adults without kids. It's going well, and has become surprisingly normal in such a short period of time.


Anonymous said...

The pic of they holding hands is so touching. What a good big sister!

E said...

Livija sounds like such a cool little girl and a great big sis! The pictures are so sweet.