Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Typically Kalvis shows that he wants me by crying when I walk in the room and putting his arms up in that baby "Uppy" motion. Lately when I walk in the room, a huge smile spreads across his face and he crawls towards me laughing. THIS is an amazing feeling.
The other night while Papa watched football, I sat in my bed editing photos on the laptop, when Kalvis woke up. I decided to bring him to bed with me for a cuddle. It started the way it typically does... Kalvis was restless. He tossed and turned, pulling blankets and pillows. He finally settled in. Suddenly he sat straight up, looked at me, and smiled so big his pacifier fell out. He giggled as he climbed up on top of me. He collapsed horizontally across my chest and rested his head on my shoulder, falling fast asleep. I remember these moments with Livija and NO feeling in the world compares. It is complete bliss.