Thursday, December 3, 2009


My blogging has suffered as the family has been suffering from colds. Kalvis recovered from the fevers the day after Thanksgiving. By that evening he had developed a horrific cough and a nose that runs like a fountain. When babies get colds like this, it is horrible. They can't blow their nose, or understand why they can't breathe with their beloved pacifier in their mouths. So we get up and rock them, while pulling out humidifiers at 1am. Then there is the coughing until he vomits on me in the middle of the night.... you'll forgive my slacking on the blog....
I am told that when these precious little babies get sick, there may be a little regression in the attachment process. We had a rough day where I began to question his attachment to us. Just one day where I thought perhaps I had imagined that wonderful week that I had just blogged about. I fell asleep that night worrying that this rough day, was a sign of things to come. A few hours later he woke up coughing and crying. I went to him and like an answered prayer, he snuggled against my chest and played with my hair, as he fell back into a comfortable sleep. Prior to this night his night wakings were lots of shifting in my arms, struggling to break free, until brought back to sleep with a few ounces from his bottle. This night I comforted him to sleep. Just me. No bottle.
Since that night, he cuddles.
He is recovering from his cold and back to his playful, smiling self. What a relief. It was a good reminder though that the attachment process is a PROCESS. It's good to be aware, question, research, and work for that bond of parent and child.
An excellent source I found in researching attachment and bonding is Thought I'd throw that in, since there are other families formed from adoption reading.

What's a post without a picture? Here he is 10 months old!


E said...

What a nice photo treat at the end of the post! Sorry everyone's been sick. It sounds like the attachment and bonding is back on track!

I went to check out the is a4everfamily.ORG :)

Anonymous said...

He may be the cutest child I've ever seen!

Frannie said...

I know it's been rough and SO GLAD to hear you're back on track. Love this picture!

Corey and Steve said...

Poor baby (and poor mommy too). Hope he is feeling better soon!
Love the pic too!

the Joneses said...

Glad everyone is doing better :) He is such a cutie pie!