Wednesday, June 30, 2010


If you haven't noticed I LOVE taking pictures of my kids. I especially love capturing the moments as they happen and allowing the pictures themselves to tell the stories, rather than the words explaining the memories we create each day. We recently began our new summer tradition of heading down to the local reservoir for a weekly picnic dinner after Papa gets home from work. As always I packed up my camera. I knew that the natural evening sunlight would create some awesome opportunities for photos of the kids. I brought some cute outfits along and hoped to get some nice portraits of them sitting on the beach together. I should know better than to plan out the photos I hope to get. Sitting the kids on a nice summer evening and telling them NOT to go in the water and constantly reminding them to "Smile for the camera", isn't going to get the pictures I want anyway. So they get wet. So they get dirty. So what if their cute little outfits end up being a nightmare when I forgot to pack the towels.

THIS is what an evening at the beach is like with my kids. To me, THIS is what photography is all about... capturing the moment rather than creating one. So for those of you who asked me tips about photography, that's it. Let the kids be kids.


Aunt Frannypants said...

MARCIE! I love these pics ALMOST as much as I love your words. Beautifully said...and photographed, as always. xoxo

Linda Devlin said...

I love these pictures!!! :)
they have a great life!

andrea said...

I LOVE these pictures! Must be easy to get great shots with those adorable kids!