Monday, June 7, 2010


It's been awhile since I really updated about our boy. Kalvis is doing beautifully. He is a little over 16 months now. At his 15 month appointment our pediatrician was very happy with his development and adjustment to his new life. He says a few words mostly "Maaa", "Mama" or "MAAAAMAAAA", but also Papa and something that sounds like Ball (which is really anything he throws). He eats beautifully with a fork for over a month now. I thought that was early. His patience with the fork is adorable. He'll try and try to get something as small as a pea on one of the tines. If all else fails, he'll pick it up and spear it on with his hands. That's not to say he's all about patience. Kalvis can definitely let his little temper come out, but we refer to that as his passionate side. While he can get angry at times, he loves and shows affection with even more zeal.
At this age, a little temper flare up is usually out of frustration to communicate. One thing that we have done to help his frustration is sign language. This has made a huge difference. Screams from the high chair are now typically a "Ma!" followed by the more sign. I highly suggest sign language for you new parents out there
**(hi, Andy and Susan!).
Speaking of his loving little affectionate side, Kalvis offers up hugs and kisses that melt my heart. It's not uncommon for him to come at you all puckered up over and over and over again. His love has extended beyond his immediate family as we watch his bond to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins grow everyday.
So much more to say, but luckily I have thousands of more pictures to share and posts to write. I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the summer.

**our friends Andy and Susan are leaving for Seoul very soon, for their sweet boy. Send a little prayer/wish/postive thought their way for a quick and safe travel.


Frannie said...

"We refer to that as his passionate side." LOL! He's such a little sweetheart. I love this pic and all of your happy updates! Congrats to Andy and Susan!

Susan said...

Aww Marcie - thank you so much! You and Imants have been such a blessing to us in this journey! Love hearing all about Kalvis and your family and I'm so very happy to hear he is doing so well. Hope to see you over the summer if you make it down to the shore! Would love to see you all!

Marcie said...

Oh Frannie, you should've seen how "passionate" he was this weekend with 4 teeth breaking through. haha. Today he is back to his regular happy little self.

Linda Devlin said...

He sure has changed/grown into a little man!!!
and he is very affectionate... I attest to this, as he gives gramma and pappy kisses!!
I attribute that to his loving family, Marcie, Imants and his adoring sister, Livi-Lou! :)
You guys have and continue to do a loving, great job!!
Congratulations, Susan and Andy..
Hope you enjoy your trip and your new love, your son :)
Livi and Kalvis's gramma and pappy
(marcie's mom and dad :)