Monday, December 13, 2010


November is National Adoption Month, Prematurity Awareness Month and Thanksgiving. All the things that built our family, ending in a day designated for giving thanks. Perfect. In the past I celebrated and mourned this month. Celebrated our son, our daughter and mourned the two that came too early. This year I celebrate(d). There comes a time that you make peace with the things that cause you to struggle. Some might believe that all things happen for a reason. I believe that our life events, both the good and the bad, lead us towards the decisions we make. It's up to us to make that decision. Our daughter's prematurity and our sons' short lives, led us to choosing that path less travelled. They led us to our son. Because of them, a boy was given a home, and a family was given the opportunity to share their love with a son/grandson/nephew. What once felt like a curse, now feels like a blessing. It amazes me the impact that those two lives have had on so many. They changed my world. I celebrate(d) each one of my children this (that) month.

No. It's not November. You caught me. I missed it. I did write this post IN November (does that count?) but hadn't actually published it, as I was waiting to include our big Adoption Day photos. That's right we have FINALLY FINALIZED. I have been too busy to update. Shame on me.
So our big finalization...I kept telling myself it was just a technicality. Kalvis is no more my son today as he was one year ago. This is just the paperwork. Sitting in the courtroom surrounded by our families (both physically and in spirit for those unable to attend), listening to the judge... yeah I cried. Just a LITTLE bit. As it turns out it was a big deal. I feel proud, blessed, and honored that we were given this opportunity to grow our family in a most unexpectedly perfect way.

And when it was all said and done, our boy not only became a legal member of our family, but a legal citizen of the USA. Nothing left to do but kick back and assume the role of the "lazy American".


Corey and Steve said...

Beautifully written as always, Marcie. I love that nephew of mine. :)

Anonymous said...

That was written perfectly. You have a beautiful family. Tell me, did he seriously fall asleep like that or did you have to manipulate his arms just a teeny bit?!!

Marcie said...

No. He seriously sleeps like this.

Anonymous said...

You cried? I'm tearing up just reading about it. Congratulations.

Linda Devlin said...

Love you all!
mom (gramma)