Friday, November 7, 2008


Whenever people inquire about how difficult the waiting is, I answer the same way... Right now everything is so far off, it kind of seems hypothetical to me. I'm sure as we get closer, and especially after a referral it will be torture, but for now it's ok.
WELL, this week things became less hypothetical. It's sinking in. I am so excited. I'm researching carriers and thinking of nurseries. I even picked out a pair of baby boy shoes. I won't buy anything until a referral (as instructed by Imants), but it's so much fun looking!
I know I'm going to come crashing down after this high. But for now it's so much fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi marcie,
I just got off line with my girlfriend from NC who is a parent to a beautiful girl adopted from China. She is now 4 yrs. old but in her life for about 6. No matter how hypothetical the the situation is now, it's still real. Plus, I have some great hand me downs waiting for a little mr or misses baby liepins.

Eileen said...

Yay Marcie! It's going to happen, even if it seems far off right now. Before you know it, your time to travel will be here. My friend's brother and family are traveling to China on Tuesday to pick up their little girl...they've been waiting 2-1/2 years and in just days they will finally be with her. It's an exciting time and shopping/researching helps it to feel more real! Enjoy it!

Eileen said...

It says the Moby goes up to 35 lbs. Not sure how old your baby will be when you bring him home, but you may not get long use with this one. Have you heard of the Ergo carrier? There are different types...a friend of mine has one and I think dh would be more receptive to using this than the Moby. We'll probably get that one too after some time.