Tuesday, October 6, 2009


JULY 28th. That is the last update we got about our son and how he is growing. It is common to skip the August well baby check, since August is the month that the doctor and many families take their vacation. I was starting to fear that he was skipped for the month of September as well. The frustration is indescribable. We've spent the last few months holding onto ANY piece of information we've been given. You read and reread, overanalyze, and even change the 3 only photographs to black and white or crop them for a different view of your child. It's sad. I know.
I stalk my e-mail for an update and FINALLY today we were blessed with one.
Kalvis is 20 lbs 29 inches!!! He can sit up straight without assistance. He says one syllable words. He prefers his foster mother. He takes steps while holding onto furniture, but doesn't stand independently yet. He responds to his name. He plays patty cake and Peek a Boo.
There was no picture, but the doctor says he is "cute and handsome". That will have to be enough for now. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will see our cute and handsome son.
I feel relieved. Afterall he is healthy, happy and developing right on target. I feel happy because he is doing so well and I finally have a size in mind so I can start buying diapers, and packing his bag for Korea. I feel excited because we are leaving soon. I can't help though to feel a little sad. We've missed so much and are still missing so much. This part is by far the hardest.


Linda Devlin said...

Hang in there, Marcie... not long now! I feel your frustration, and the desire/need to see, hold and love him~~~
It is coming... Soon! :)
love, mom

E said...

I'm so happy that you received an update!! Sorry no picture...but you'll see and hold him soon. I hope that gives you some consolation for the lack of a photo. I'm thrilled for you!!!

Frannie said...

You've missed so much...but given him SO MUCH. It's close now!!!