Monday, October 26, 2009

Tomorrow is our last full day in Seoul. We're leaving early Wednesday morning. Looks like we're gaining back that Wednesday we lost last week. Imants is VERY excited to have a birthday that lasts 37 hours. Unfortunately it will be stuck on a plane. We are continuing to have an amazing time in Seoul. Today we shopped in Insadong... AMAZING SHOPPING. Even Imants enjoyed it! Then we headed back to the hotel for a picnic dinner of sushi and wine on the floor of our room while Kalvis slept in our bed.

Tomorrow we are planning on some serious photoshoots of Kalvis in his home land. Can't wait!

Sending Love to Livija. I miss her so much it hurts. xoxo... we'll be home soon!


Frannie said...

I'm crying. Constantly. Please come home already! Enjoy the last full day in your baby's sounds magical there. Miss you! xoxo

Susan said...

So great to hear you are having such an amazing time in Seoul with Kalvis!! Sounds like Imants and I may have the same birthday! Happy Birthday Imants - I'm sure it will be one you will always remember!

Linda Devlin said...

Yes, we miss you 3 so much!!
And Livija will be so happy..
Yesterday I told her '3 sleeps' and now I can say '2 sleeps'! :) until momma and poppa and Kalvis come home! She is waiting patiently.. she is an amazing, beautiful child!
So happy for all of you!
Have a fun day..
Wishing you a safe flight and ...see you in '2 sleeps' :)
love, mom & dad

The Woodgetts said...

Is it possible he gets cuter in every picture?????

Anonymous said...

Kalvis looks so much older than under one year!
Or is it just that he has always been around adults?
Happy birthday, Imants! You sure haven't had one that compares to this one, have you? Love your pictures and text Marcie!Have a safe trip home, love, Ilze

Maureen said...

Tears again. He is just too sweet and precious! It sounds like you are having an amazing time. Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Glad your making such special memories. Korea sounds like it has been a magical place for you and I'm so glad you were able to travel there. I can't wait to see the pictures from your photo shoot tomorrow--I know they are going to be amazing! It's so cool that you will have all these memories and stories to share with Kalvis one day. I'm ready for you to come home now though. I'm getting lonely not having you to call on the phone! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcie,
Kalvis is soooo cute! It sounds like you had a great trip! I'm so happy that it went well for all of you. Enjoy your little man!

--fiddle_girl from Holt bb (Christina)

E said...

Adorable photo!