Friday, October 9, 2009


A year ago I promised I would change the background each season, to show another season of waiting has past, and another is beginning. Here we are at Fall again! This is our season! The big homecoming is coming! No, we STILL don't know when, but it's close. I am thrilled to change the background back to fall. This season is all about the beauty of change. It is a time of great celebration in our family. Livija's birthday, my birthday and Imants' birthday (not to mention my dad, my niece and my sister in law). Our boy needs a reason to celebrate each October as well. I can think of no better reason than the anniversary of the day Kalvis Tae-seong was born into our family.


E said...

No doubt that October is a big month for you and the fam!! So looking forward to the next update, hopefully saying you're on your way to the airport:)

The Woodgetts said...

I can't wait for Kalvis to come home. You all must be so excited!!!! I am so excited for all of you!

Frannie said...

I'm sobbing over here! I never thought about the October birthday thing. Marcie, it's so perfect. Your family is complete. I CANNOT wait for you to get that call!!! xoxo