Sunday, October 11, 2009


We are currently waiting for Kalvis to have his Visa issued. I call Washington DC almost daily to check on this status (it's ok, the last operator I spoke with assured me that nobody is making a little note in my file about how annoying I am). So even though they typically say, "Try again next week" and even though I didn't expect anything until next week, I still called. I was expecting to hear the same "Nothing yet" answer, but this time the operator said, "Oh he is so cute".... She saw his picture! This is good news. HOWEVER there was no information stating the P3 was returned, or the Visa was issued (or even scheduled to be issued). So I asked the bulletin board that I read, that is for families in process or have completed the adoption process. The answer was (drumroll), if they SEE his picture, he HAS his Visa. I'm told to pack my bags. THE call is coming. Until DC can verify this news, I'll have a little shred of doubt inside me, but for the most part I believe it's true. So here we are... Sunday night... could be the start to an unforgettable week.
Cross your fingers, toes, arms and legs! Say a prayer! Send some positive vibes! Do whatever you do, to help bring us some good news. We're ready.


Jill said...

Yeah Marcie! Here's to hoping you receive the news SOON!

E said...

It gave me goosebumps reading the news again. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you all day, hoping you hear the good news soon!!!

Linda Devlin said...

I'm praying!!

Karen said...

Sending prayers and good vibes your way!