Saturday, October 24, 2009


During our SKYPE chat with the family, my camera took a tumble off the table. My camera = my prized posession. The lens snapped off and my heart dropped. On our first day here, we walked by a sign that said "NIKON". I mentioned something about it, wondering aloud if we could purchase cheaper equipment here. So off we went to the Nikon store. Turns out it wasn't a Nikon store but a Nikon repair shop! I don't think they normally take customers off the street. Ten minutes and $30 later I had a perfect camera, fixed, cleaned and a bonus 1G memory card. Imants finds it quite humorous how things always seem to work out like this for me.
So today we are off for more siteseeing and more picture taking. We got out and about in the general area of our hotel, testing it out, seeing how Kalvis would do. He does well. Here is a picture after a short trip around Seoul.... such a sweet boy.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness about the camera!! WHEW!

Love the pic. Looks like he's certainly comfortable with you all! :)

Have fun touring around!


Becky said...

Great pic! He is so precious and I love his little sweater :)

Sarma said...

You have quite a glow about you!

Frannie said...

I love that you're in your son's hometown, but I'm ready for you to come home already. P.S. YES regarding the glow!

Anonymous said...

You definitely look in love and Kalvis looks very comfy snoozing against his mommy. I love that he's wearing the sweater I gave him--it looks very cute on him if I do say so myself!


Corey and Steve said...

He looks sooooo comfy.
You look sooooo happy.

Linda Devlin said...

What a beautiful picture...
you both look so comfortable with each other!!
He looks so big for 9 months..
compared to our babies ;-)
Livi is going to want to 'wear him' too!

The Woodgetts said...

So glad your camera is okay....and what a sweet picture. You look amazing and so happy. Enjoy your last day there!